Friday, October 11, 2013

VtM 30 Day Challenge: Day Eleven – Favorite Adventure That You Ran

            Because of the serial nature of the Chronicles that I run, I can’t really pick out a single adventure that was my favorite.  My goal has always been to connect individual sessions together; each session grows out of the previous creating the Chronicle.  One of my favorite plots however that ran over the course of an entire Chronicle was the conflict caused by a pretender Elder who was trying to rise from Primogen to Prince. 
            Colin claimed he was a two hundred year old French vampire, but in truth he was a recently Embraced history professor specializing in French history.  Prior to the start of the game, Colin was able to persuade the entire city that he was a powerful Ventrue, and he was so successful that the Ventrue recommended that he be the Primogen.  Colin surrounded himself with a variety of henchmen and thanks to his access to Backgrounds like Resources, Contacts, and Allies, Colin had an iron grip on the city.  But Colin wouldn’t happy until he was the Prince. 
            Colin was a great villain for a low powered Vampire the Masquerade game for new players.  The risks were relatively low since Colin couldn’t call in favors from outside supernatural beings, but he was powerful enough to be a problem for the players especially with his allies.  The players were forced to figure out the mystery of this character who they could not confront directly because of his supposed power.  However, as the adventure progressed, the PCs learned more, eventually breaking into his sanctuary, and discovered the truth of this pretender.  This reveal led to a gunfight in the streets of Baltimore and Colin being shot murdered by a group of very angry PCs. 

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  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Amateurs. That's the kind of dirt you WANT to have on the guy who would be Prince. Help him take over, and he'd be like an automatic Boon machine!