Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Resources For Players

            Today’s Update is just a quick note about some additions to the Player & Storyteller’s Resource Page.  I have spent a lot of my free time working on new material for this page, including more NPCs that Storytellers can use in their Chronicles. 
            Today, I’ve added seven new Mortal NPCs:  The Con Artist, Doctor, Exotic Dancer/Prostitute, Gang Member, Police Detective, and Science Professor.  These NPCs are some of the common types of characters that player characters may encounter during a Story.  These can be used in any Storyteller System game although some may need slight modifications for use in Werewolf or Mage or the others.  I’ve also added one new Sabbat NPC, a Tzimisce specialist in Vicissitude.  This Tzimisce NPC should be useful for Storytellers as either a part of a combat encounter or in social situations. 
As before, how you use these NPCs is up to you.  They have been designed to be as general as possible and to represent a stereotype.  These are only stats on a page, and as such, it’s up to you as the Storyteller to give them personality and life beyond those stats.  These character sheets are meant to help Storytellers save time when creating a Chronicle because they don’t have to write down stats for generic NPCs such as these.  I hope you’ll find these helpful, but remember, these are just numbers; you have to add the personality.  I'll be posting more NPC in the future.  I'm currently working on a set of Camarilla Pregenerated Characters that will be suitable for any beginning Chronicle. 
I’ve also added some new Player Reference sheets for Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Revised System.  I made these a long time ago and I have recently updated them.  I’ve made them available here even though they have nothing to do with Vampire the Masquerade or the other White Wolf Games.  I’ve always loved role playing in the Star Wars universe and my two of my favorite campaigns were run using this system.  I hope that people who still play this system will find them useful.  
On a side note, I am currently planning to attend OmegaCon in Charlottesville, VA.  I will be looking for any Storyteller System game or AD&D game.  I hope that you'll make it too!  
Thank you for reading my blog!  If you have any suggestions for an article or other material,l or if you have a question, please leave a comment below.  You can also contact me via email.  You can follow me on Twitter Anthony_RTDB or on Google Plus.  I will try my very best to reply to any and all comments sent to me, and I welcome any and all constructive criticism.  Thanks! 


  1. I think that WEG Star Wars was the better system, but my favorite campaigns were run under the WoTC Star Wars D20 Revised system.
    The D6 System was better balanced, especially compared to WoTC's revised or Saga Systems. Jedi tended to become very overpowered very quickly. D6 Star Wars is also the first RPG book that I bought, and the first game that I ran. So there are a lot of good memories attached to that system.
    I am hoping that I'll get a chance to FFG's Edge of Empire System soon. I'm kinda cautious about systems with "special" dice, but everything I've heard has been good. I just don't have the cash to purchase a new game now.
    Or did you want a full article on that?

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