Friday, August 2, 2013

Changes to Read the Damn Book

            First, welcome to the new look of Read the Damn Book!  I hope that you like it as much as I do.  I have been thinking long and hard about the layout of my blog.  I wanted something that wouldn’t clash with the subject matter.  Honestly, I’m not any good with web design or I would have made my own actual webpage.   Instead, I am stuck with the layouts available through Blogger.  I hope you like the new look. 
            You’ll notice that I have added a link to my Amazon Wish List, and I have removed the donate button for my Paypal Account.   I know a lot of people have really enjoyed reading my reviews of Classic World of Darkness books, but my current library is limited.  I would love to review other books like World of Darkness:  Gypsies or Wraith:  The Oblivion, but I can’t currently afford those books.  So, if you are feeling generous, please click on the Wish List link and donate a book.  I promise to put any books donated that way at the top of the pile. 
            Next, you’ll notice that I have finally added a section for Player and Storyteller Resources.  Some of you have downloaded my Player Reference Sheet and I hope that it has been useful in game.  The Player and Storyteller Resources Page will be where I add new material such as that.  Currently I have added several Sabbat NPCs that may be useful as “mooks” for Storytellers.  My goal is to have a much bigger section in the future full of resources that will assist both Storytellers and Players. 
            The Twitter button has returned!  If you’re not following me on Twitter, please click on the button and join my followers!  I am much more active on Twitter now, and I’m already at 52 followers which is exciting for me. 
            Next, I would like to show off my birthday present.  My wonderful girlfriend bought a bookcase for us.  After years of gaming and collecting tons of books, I can now display all of the books I bought over the years.  You can see pictures of my collection. 
            If you have any comments, suggestions or thoughts on my blog please send me an email.  If you have any suggestion for future articles please send them as well! 
            Thank you for reading!   

My girlfriend love Eeyore and she gave me the bookend!

My small but growing White Wolf Collection

I played a lot of Legend of the Five Rings

Star Wars has always been one of my favorite campaign settings

Yes that is most of the D&D 3rd Edition books! 

Can you see the copy of the DBZ Table Top RPG?

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