Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's My Birthday!

            Since today is my birthday, I wanted to thank all of my readers by writing one more post.  This isn’t going to be on Vampire the Masquerade or on role playing.  Instead I want to talk a little bit about my plans for this blog. 
            First, I am currently creating some reference sheets for Vampire the Masquerade.  When I played Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition, I found having a reference sheet with all the combat basics with all the rules for grappling, feinting, etc on one two sided piece of paper insanely helpful.  When these are done, I will be posting them on this blog in a new download section.  I’ve also got some reference sheets for Wizards of the Coasts Star Wars Revised System as well that I’ll add just to pad the section a bit.  Further reference sheets will be added as the Onyx Path releases new systems. 
            Second, one of my friends wrote to me and asked if he could make a suggestion for a blog post.  My answer was absolutely.  If any of you have suggestions or ideas for a post please send them to me either in the comments section or in an email.  I read all the comments and I reply to most comments.  Your questions, comments, and ideas will always be happily received.  I’m always looking for new topics for articles. 
            Third, I am working on a series of articles will explore the design of a City for Vampire the Masquerade.  This will be a fairly long series because I’ve already come up with topics for 5 parts.  I hope that all of you will enjoy it!  The plan is to break city design down into a series of questions that should be answered as the Storyteller creates his setting.  The topic of the first article will be “Real or Fake City?”  (I don’t have a title for that article yet)
            Fourth, I am considering adding some fiction to the website as well.  I have always loved writing character back stories and prior to that I wrote tons of short stories in high school and college.  I’ve been feeling the itch to write some short fiction based in the Classic World of Darkness.  If I do, it will be posted here.  I expect I’ll write at least one and post it as an experiment to see how popular it is. 
            Fifth & Finally, I would like to thank all of my readers who have made this blog such a success.  As of today, there have been more than 4,000 views of this blog.  Readership has been steadily climbing since my first post.  I’m happy that all of you stayed with me through my sabbatical in April.  I’d also like to thank all of my close friends and my girlfriend for being so supportive and reading every article.  Thank you all!  Keep reading! 

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