Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hunters Hunted II Kickstarter

Art from Hunters Hunted II

            Originally, I had planned to write an article on either the first session of my current Vampire:  The Masquerade Chronicle or to discuss how I got trapped being the Storyteller/GM whenever I play RPGs.  However, I’ve put those aside and this week I’m going to do some free advertising for Hunters Hunted II for White Wolf, TheOnyx Path, and CCP Games.  They’ve created some of my favorite games and supplements so I figured I’d help them out with a little free advertising.   
I’m excited that the latest Onyx Path Kickstarter has begun.  Hunters Hunted II has been teased for months now, and I’ve been waiting, rather impatiently, to get my hands on this book.  The original Hunters Hunted was a guide to playing Vampire Hunters in the World of Darkness.  It included rules for making mortal hunters without supernatural powers.  Hunters Hunted II is an update of that book for V20.   As of writing this post at noon on Jan 26, the Hunters Hunted II Kickstarter is already at 93% of its goal; having only begun 2 days prior, that’s amazing!
Simon Belmont:  Vampire Hunter
            What’s more amazing, to me, is that this rebirth of White Wolf and Classic World of Darkness is thanks to the fans who are paying for books in advance.  The fans are funding these projects and with each dollar put towards a Kickstarter, we have showed our support for our favorite game.  This is truly the democratization of role playing games.  I was honestly proud that I could put my $60 towards Hunters Hunted II knowing that I was able to support The Onyx Path, CCP, and White Wolf as they publish more and more books. Also, with each stretch goal met during a Kickstarter project, The Onyx Path announces new source books, novels, and extras for players.  The more we give them, the more they give back to us!
            Currently, I only own copies of Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition and The V20 Companion, but I have plans to purchase the other books on DriveThruRPG as soon as I can afford them.  Between myself and the rest of my gaming group, we’ve purchased 3 copies of V20 in hardback.  DriveThruRPG's library of CWoD games is nearly limitless and you can buy games in either pdf format or as a physical book, but that does vary according to title.  
            Without V20, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.  The resurgence of interest in Vampire:  The Masquerade and other Classic World of Darkness games has been astonishing.  After years of playing Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars D20, I am back to my first system:  the system that I fell in love with during college.  What’s great is that I get to share my enjoyment of CWoD with younger gamers, who prior to a campaign that I ran last year, had never played Vampire the Masquerade or any of the other White Wolf games. 
Cover to the Original Hunters Hunted
            What I hear most from them is that they enjoy playing in a game that is socially focused rather than tactically focused.  I have nothing against D&D or the other D20 games.  However, those games emphasize the tactical & combat elements of RPGs through their use of grid maps, miniatures, etc.  On the other hand, games like Vampire the Masquerade and Legend of the Five Rings has a stronger emphasis on the social aspect of character interaction.  I have never needed to use a grid map or miniatures with Vampire the Masquerade, although I do draw some simple maps to help orient players.  I’m not saying that one style of gaming is wrong, but that I have found that my group doesn’t enjoy the tactical side of gaming as much. 
            What I enjoy most as a Storyteller/GM is that I can create interesting NPCs and stories using Vampire the Masquerade easier than I have with D&D.  Again, that’s probably due to my preferences for modern games and my love of the setting and themes of Vampire the Masquerade. 
            As many of also know, CCP Games, the makers of EVE Online, has been working on a Classic World of DarknessMMORPG.  Currently still in develop and in early Alpha testing, all indications are good.  While I am not following that development closely, I am excited at the chance to play in a big sandbox MMO where I can really explore and develop a character.  CCP knows how to run a sandbox MMO. 
Cover for Laws of the Night Revised
Finally, it was announced that By Night Studios has been awarded the license for Mind’sEye Theatre.  That’s great news for LARPers who have wanted an update to their favorite systems.  They will be publishing material related to Vampire:  the Masquerade first and then branching out into Werewolf and other areas soon after. I assume their first source book will be an update for Laws of the Night, but I'm not sure. 
            As this resurgence of Classic World of Darkness continues, let’s remember that we, as fans, support it.  We have to continue showing that support through blogging, going to conventions, buying books, and supporting Kickstarter Projects.  And most importantly, introduce your gaming group to a Classic World of Darkness game.  Whatever their style of play, you’ll find a game that suits them.  

You can find By Night Studios on Twitter @ByNightStudios
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You can find DriveThruRPG on Twitter @DriveThruRPG

Please support the Hunters Hunted II Kickstarter!  Every dollar helps.  

If you'd like a copy of the original Hunters Hunted, it can be purchased at DriveThruRPG as a pdf, or you can purchase an original printing from