Monday, December 17, 2012

My Gaming Bucket List

I've been roleplaying for almost 15 years, but there are still a lot of things that I've never done.  Here is a short list of the things I really want to try.  

1.  Play Werewolf the Apocalypse:  Sadly, I’ve played several Werewolf characters but never actually played in or run a Werewolf game.  

2.  Learn to play GURPS.  I’ve never even touched GURPS.  I hear it’s really good. 

3.  Play a D&D character from level 1-20 in any edition even Pathfinder.  I’ve run a campaign from level 1 to 20 for friends in college, but I’ve never played a character higher than level 7.

4.  Shadowrun!  I’m a huge cyberpunk fan, but I’ve never played Shadowrun.  One of my friends did get me the Core Book for Christmas, so hopefully I’ll be playing soon.

5.  Play in a Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer 40K RPG.  I don’t care if it’s Dark Heresy, Death Watch or whatever, but I love the setting for 40K.  Sur it’s grim dark, but there’s so much to it!  Only War comes out soon!  

6.  I want to run a D&D or Pathfinder game set in Planescape.  For extra points, I’d love to run it in 2nd Edition.  Planescape is probably the coolest setting from the old TSR days.  Exploring the planes, visiting Sigil. 

7.  I want to play in a superhero game such as Mutants & Masterminds or Champions.  I have played in a couple of one shots, but I'd love to develop a superhero character.  

8.  I've never played any of the New World of Darkness.  Honestly I'm just not into the fluff, but I hear that rule system is really good.  I'd like to try at least a one shot of Vampire the Requiem or just base World of Darkness.   

9.  Run a game at a convention.  I've been to a few gaming conventions and a lot of anime conventions, but I've never run a game at a convention.  I'll sign up to run one if I decide to go to a convention in 2013.  

10.  LARP.  I've made fun of LARPers for years, but I've never visited a LARP.  I'm trying to be more open minded in my gaming and branch out into new things.  LARPing might be fun, maybe...

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